Sunday, 14 May 2017

Winter Sport

Hansens Park and Hagley Park sport starts this week.

Children need to come to school prepared for their particular sport.

Everyone should have a drink bottle and a polar fleece with them when they go off site.
Hagley players must have their playing uniform.  Children will not play if they do not have their sports uniform and shoes:(

For Hagley Sport

Football and Hockey: Please have your boots in a plastic bag so you can change into your boots at the field. No boots are to be worn on the bus. If you are playing in your trainers, and they have become muddy, you will need to take these off and put them in a plastic bag when boarding the bus.

Football and Hockey need to have Blue Socks. These can be purchased at school for $10. These are needed to hold the shin guard on, and to make the team look good. :)    No shin pads / No play. :(

It is compulsory for Hockey to wear a mouth guard too.   No guard no play. :(

Children are to wear their uniform to school and get changed at morning tea time into their playing uniform.

Seethe Sport Link above for draws and maps.

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